Are You A Fit?


Every business is unique, and we won’t pretend we can be all things to all people. That’s a big reason why we’re laser-focused on the Outdoor Living Contracting space.

Our expertise and effort are suited for a certain type of company, and those falling outside this niche usually aren’t a good fit.

Here’s a quick rundown to help see if we’re a fit for your contracting company:

We’re probably a fit if…

      • Your company (or specialized division) does less than 15M in annual revenues.  That’s our sweet spot and that’s where we feel we can have the most impact.
      • Your company’s primary need is generating more jobs through increasing the number of qualified quote requests.
      • You’re looking for an integrated and holistic program that creates “omni-presence” for your company and builds momentum over time.
      • Your company can realistically dedicate at least $2,500/mth in total to support all your marketing activities.
        We’ll work with you to recommend the level of program that makes best sense based on your market and goals. In some cases, a total spend of $2,500 (that includes our fees and all online ad spend) is a sufficient starting point to get traction in a market.  In most cases, it’s going to require more.
        Whatever the case, the discussion of what it costs to dominate your local market isn’t awkward.  Generally speaking, the more you can afford to spend, the more exposure you will get.  We’re experts at what we do and we’re confident that whatever you decide to spend is going to be a small percentage of the revenues you’ll see in return.

We’re probably not a fit if…

      • Your company (or specialized division) does more than 15M in annual revenue.   Love ya… but our strength is helping outdoor living contractors get to this point!
      • Your company’s need is less focused on getting qualified leads and jobs, and more focused on longer-term brand strategy.
      • You’re looking for a company to manage a single “one-off” component of your marketing like managing social media or email marketing.
      • You’re not currently able to spend at least $2,500/mth in total across all your marketing activities.


        We’d still be happy to chat and perhaps provide you with some industry best practices… no charge, just reach out.

So are you a fit? If so, it’s time to talk.

It’s time to start DOMINATING your local market!